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Forrest Curo treegestalt at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 00:40:10 EDT 2015

Okay, (finally) getting another look at the examples... What I think
ChuckSound does, if you use Paul Batchelor's class 'CSEngine' (from the
example file with that name) you can use chucK to compile and run one
entire csd per shred -- which can be pretty near a blank template where
instruments can be effectively added by other shreds via the function
and have notes sent to that instrument by any shred using that same public

I gather that multiple notes could be sent to that same instrument, or
several such instruments, for that same instance of the class to send to
chucK for rendering into actual sound.

(If I've got the way this works wrong, please correct, but I'm going to see
how it works out!)

On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 6:03 PM, Forrest Curo <treegestalt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Paul Batchelor mentioned this in a recent thread; it's
> a chugin that allows for the use of csound instruments inside chucK.
> his article about it is here:
> http://csoundjournal.com/issue21/chuck_sound.html
> and it can be picked up here:
> https://github.com/PaulBatchelor/ChuckSound .
> A question that came up in the course of using it: If I use one csd file
> containing several instruments (and some global set-up instructions in the
> header section) can I use one shred to play multiple notes on multiple
> csound instruments in that file simultaneously? -- or do I need multiple
> shreds? -- and can they share the same header global variables?
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