[chuck-users] Does a working FluidSynth chugin exist?

Pietari Seppänen pietari.seppanen at pohjoinen.net
Wed Oct 7 09:54:29 EDT 2015

Hi Spencer,

Previously I only got the chuck_dl error 126. I don't know what's  
happened, but Chuck does load the chugin now. However, it doesn't work: it  
doesn't have any of the functions related to FluidSynth (at least 'open'  
or 'noteOn'). That said, I'm unqualified to even compile these things  
properly, so I wouldn't go looking for bugs based on my strange process of  
getting the chug file to appear.


On Wed, 07 Oct 2015 12:28:02 +0300, Spencer Salazar  
<spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu> wrote:

> Hi Pietari,
>> Glad to hear of your interest in working with FluidSynth and ChucK. The  
>> main FluidSynth chugin works fairly well on Mac OS X and Linux (last I  
>> >checked) but I have not yet tried to port it to Windows. Heavyweight  
>> chugins like FluidSynth tend to be harder to develop and maintain for  
>> multiple >platforms, as each system has its own eccentricities with  
>> build systems and linking to external libraries.
>> If you can post the log output from the console when that error occurs,  
>> that would be helpful, as maybe it is a straightforward error to fix.
>> spencer
>> On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 9:30 AM, Pietari Seppänen  
>> <pietari.seppanen at pohjoinen.net> wrote:
>> Hi! The Extend section of the Chuck site describes a FluidSynth chugin  
>> for
>> using soundfonts. CCRMA does have code for this chugin  
>> (https://github.com/ccrma/chugins/tree/master/FluidSynth), which I  
>> managed to
>> compile for Windows after many, many hours of effort. Unfortunately, I  
>> get
>> a chuck_dl error 126 when Chuck tries to load the file (I had to change
>> the message level), so either my frankly ridiculous compiling process
>> broke it or the code doesn't work right now.
>> Does anyone have this chugin in working form?
>> Regards,
>> Pietari Seppänen
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