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David Loberg Code d.loberg.code at wmich.edu
Wed Oct 28 14:16:07 EDT 2015

I have a student with a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13", early-2015). She was on Yosemite with latest ChucK build; now on El Capitan with the ChucK beta build ( beta).  The same problem happened in both builds.

She can open the keyboard with Hid. It will successfully pull the kb.name and print it.
However, it won’t detect any other activity from the keyboard.
It gets stopped at kb=>now; and won’t go any further. We have tried an external USB keyboard too, and it produces the same problem.

Anyone else have this happen OR have a cure?



David Loberg Code
Western Michigan University
code at wmich.edu

Hid kb;
HidMsg kbMsg;
0 => int kbNum;
kb.openKeyboard( kbNum ) => int kbAvailable;
if ( kbAvailable == 0 ) me.exit();
<<< "keyboard '", kb.name(), "' ready" >>>;

while (true) {
    // hangs up waiting for kb=>now event
    kb => now;
    while(kb.recv(kbMsg))  {
        if (kbMsg.isButtonDown()) {
            kbMsg.key => int keyNum;
            <<< "#", keyNum >>>;
        } //end button down       
   } // end while hid.recv
} // end while(true)


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