[chuck-users] Std.setenv() question

Scott Smallwood scott.smallwood at ualberta.ca
Fri Sep 18 21:53:43 EDT 2015

Hey Chuckians…

Question for those who use Std.setenv().  I’m trying to resurrect some old code of mine that made use of a special environment variable we used to use in plork to identify machines over the network.  In short:  this was a variable we called “NET_NAME”, in which we specified the network name address (i.e. blah.local) on our local area wireless network.

What I’m wondering is this:  in UNIX, there is usually a variable already in existence called “HOSTNAME”.  For example, on my mac, when I type “echo $HOSTNAME” in the terminal, it returns a string that contains the name of my machine with .local appended to it.

However, when I try to recall this variable using Std.setenv(), I get nothing.

Anyone have any ideas here?


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