[chuck-users] OSC messages from a python-osc client are not picked up by ChucK server

Chiel ten Brinke ctenbrinke at gmail.com
Sat Apr 23 03:51:09 EDT 2016

I'm trying to set up OSC communication between chuck and python-osc. It
appears that the messages we send from the python side do not arrive at the
chuck side. All other combinations, i.e. python to python, chuck to chuck
and chuck to python are working fine though.
I'm running python 3.4.4 on windows 7.
What could be going wrong here?

Here are the four files with the client/server implementations I'm using
for testing.

### chuck_client.py:

    OscSend xmit;
    xmit.setHost("localhost", 5005);

### chuck_server.py:

    OscRecv orec;
    5005 => orec.port;
    orec.event("/debug") @=> OscEvent e;

    e => now;

### python_client.py:

    from pythonosc import osc_message_builder
    from pythonosc import udp_client

    client = udp_client.UDPClient('localhost', 5005)
    msg = osc_message_builder.OscMessageBuilder(address="/debug")
    msg = msg.build()

### python_server.py:

    from pythonosc import dispatcher
    from pythonosc import osc_server

    dispatcher = dispatcher.Dispatcher()
    dispatcher.map("/debug", lambda _: print('Received'))

    server = osc_server.ThreadingOSCUDPServer(
        ('localhost', 5005), dispatcher)
    print("Serving on {}".format(server.server_address))

This issue can also be viewed on github:
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