[chuck-users] Searching for "Algorithmic Composition"-Examples

John Clavin johnclavin at aol.com
Wed Aug 31 19:31:09 EDT 2016


Here is a piece that I did in a ChucK online class.

"A night in Valencia"


There are many separate code files that would have to be assembled into the ChucK system. And my code is very hard to decipher. 

All of my art is online algorithmic art and music (composing in real time), and I haven't figured out a way to use ChucK for that yet.

But ChucK is an awesome program.

Have you taken any online ChucK classes?

John Clavin

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Hi, folks!
I wanna get into "Algorithmic Composition", using ChucK. I wanna get some inspiration from examples, but couldn't find any on the web. Could anyone provide my some examples? I will neither share them with others, nor will I use them under my name. I would confirm that in written form (scanned writing, attached on a mail), if necessary.
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