[chuck-users] Midi time problem

Gonzalo gonzalo at dense13.com
Thu Dec 8 16:52:51 EST 2016


I'm using Bruce Murphy's MIDIsender class 
(http://www.rattus.net/~packrat/audio/ChucK/files/midisender.ck) to 
generate MIDI from my Chuck code. I'm sending this MIDI to various 
virtual MIDI ports (using OSX's IAC Driver). Then I have various 
software instruments in Cubase, each one listening to one of the virtual 
ports. Works well when I run my Chuck program, but if in Cubase I arm 
the tracks and try to record the incoming MIDI, all the events get 
'collapsed' at the same time, specifically the moment I click record. 
They do get recorded, but all starting at the same time.

This only happens if I want to record them, if I'm only playing, timing 
is fine.

Using MidiMonitor I see that the time for all the MIDI events generated 
from Chuck is 0, that seems to be the issue. Any thoughts on how I can 
change that?


PS: in case anybody is curious, my project's site is here: 

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