[chuck-users] not receiving midi messages

Daniel Chapiro dchapiro at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 21:03:48 EST 2016

Hi - I have beeen using the same version of Chuck ( on OSX Lion (10.7.5) for over a year, without any changes or problems. However something strange happened, and I'm stuck:

All versions of my Chuck-based software stopped working with my WX-5 (including those that I had frozen and worked fine)
I tried the WX-5 with GB+Wivi, and it works fine, so I know the hardware is ok, and OSX is passing the midi events to the applications.
As one more check, I ran "MIDI Monitor.app", and it reports correctly all the Note on/off and CC events I'm sending with the WX-5. 
So I tried MiniAudicle->File->examples->gomidi. It opens succesfully Midi dev 0, and then it blocks forever at min.recv(msg) ... 

Can anybody give me a suggestion of what could make Chuck not see the Midi events, or what I can try next?

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