[chuck-users] Set adc sampling rate

Perry Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat May 14 14:50:00 EDT 2016

In miniAudicle, it’s in the Preferences window.  
In terminal, the --srate switch sets sample rate:

>     chuck --srate8000 MyChucK.ck

But both ADC and DAC must run at same rate.  AND there has to be 
supporting hardware there to run at that sample rate.  So native Mac
coreaudio won’t allow for 8k.  You could use the —silent switch, but 
then you lose the real timebase because ChucK then just runs as 
fast as it possibly can.  You could plug in an iMic or other USB 
audio device that does support 8k, then it would all work.  Use 
>    chuck --probe
to find out what sample rates are available.


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> Hi guys!
> I'm trying to make some analysis of the micro input and to do so I have to take my micro input with a sampling rate of 8000 Hz. I've checked my micro supports that (with chuck --probe) but in the doc I haven't found how to set the sampling rate of adc. Does someone know how to do that? Or does someone know where I can find some kind of API doc where everything is listed? In the ChucK language specification or in the Unit Generators Reference I cannot find much info about it.
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