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Spencer Salazar spencer at ccrma.stanford.edu
Tue May 31 13:12:44 EDT 2016

Hi Stephi,

I think this should be fine if I understand correctly.

ChucK can work with multiple Arduinos- you just specify the number of the
one you want in the open() function. With illumaphone, the sound is
generated entirely on the computer by ChucK, so merging the sound is as
easy as running two copies of the ChucK code with the different Arduinos.

Im not sure exactly how Magic Music Visuals works but ChucK generally plays
well if other sound-based programs are active so I wouldnt expect problems
with that.


On Mon, May 30, 2016 at 9:16 AM, Stephi LaReine <stephilareine1 at gmail.com>

> Hi guys,
> As a newbie I desperately need some accurate advice on a project I have
> set up. I am currently using an idea I found on the Instructables forum
> called Illumaphone by Bonniee.
> see link >
> http://www.instructables.com/id/Illumaphone-Light-based-Electronic-Musical-Instrum/
> I wish to use two 'illumaphones' individually controlled by two arduinos
> so I can vary sounds. I am also using Magic Music Visuals and OBS which is
> linked to a microphone to allow speech to be converted into text in real
> time.
> The idea is that the illumaphones outputs will be sent from the main line
> output of a macbook but I don't need the speech to make a sound just to
> trigger words. I am concerned that I won't be able to merge the arduinos
> sonic output together and whether I will be able to run Magic Music Visuals
> at the same time. I am using a usb microphone.
> I am also looking for ways to change the waveforms envelopes and filters
> in the code and I would be very grateful for any assistance in this so it
> doesn't muck up the code
> Many thanks, hope you can help :)
> Stephi
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