[chuck-users] OscOut string encoding

tth sigfood at dinorama.fr
Tue Apr 18 08:49:03 EDT 2017

On 04/18/2017 12:38 PM, Stuart McDonald wrote:
> I have a Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg contraption which has a ChucK
> program sending an OSC message to a nodejs app which is broadcasting
> data to a web browser client via web sockets. My problem is that by
> the time the OSC messages get to nodejs the string "Höckerschwäne" is
> converted into "HC6ckerschwC$ne". ChucK itself can print non-ascii
> characters ok so I'm guessing the problem is with OSC itself.

    First question to ask : what is the encoding of your string
    in Chuck : iso-88??-? / utf-8 / whatever ?

    And I suppose that utf8 is mandatory with nodejs & websocket.

> The OSC 1.0 spec (http://opensoundcontrol.org/spec-1_0, link to 1.1
> spec is dead) suggests ASCII only is supported for strings, although
> punycode is mentioned on other OSC pages (I tried punycode decoding
> the strings and they display gibberish). I'm wondering if the
> artefacts are just 16 bit characters being naively encoded as two
> separate ascii characters, or something similar.

    You cant try to look at your string with oscdump (from
    the package liblo)

> Anyway, I'm asking here in the (perhaps unlikely) event anyone else
> had been down this road before. I'm getting around the problem by
> doing some string replacing at the nodejs end: not ideal, but there's
> I've only got 3 non-ASCII characters in the mix so good enough for
> now.


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