[chuck-users] ChucK => internet audio stream

Stuart McDonald stuartcmcd at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 04:18:57 EST 2017

Ok, so after a lot of fiddling (mostly around making documentation and
audio processing work for generic installation) I've gotten chuck =>
darkice => icecast running in docker on a raspberry pi using ALSA
snd-aloop loopback module.

Some links:
* https://hub.docker.com/r/concretemixer/cm-rpi-internet/ # docker image
* https://github.com/concrete-mixer/cm-rpi-docker-internet # git repo
for docker image with instructions on installation
* https://github.com/concrete-mixer/concrete-mixer # about what you are hearing

http://concrete-mixer.venturus.io/concrete-mixer.mp3 # a live
implementation (hopefully running; the pi sits dangerously close to my

As originally mentioned my original intention was to run this on AWS,
but the pi seems to accommodate chuck + darkice + icecast reasonably
well (4 processors helps!). Since the setup doesn't rely on sound
hardware, there's no reason an AWS machine couldn't run a similar rig.

Hopefully this is useful to someone who may want to go down this path
in future :).


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