[chuck-users] Open source + musical composition?

jake danson-faraday jakefaraday at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 12:26:13 EST 2017

Hi everyone,

Like a lot of people here, I am at least somewhat familiar with a few
other open source synthesis programs. Each has its own set of
peculiarities, which will shape the work, style, sounds, process, etc.
But does being open source count as one of those peculiarities?

I would love to know if anyone feels like there is a direct
relationship between the music they make with ChucK and the fact that
ChucK is open source. Do you compose music differently than you would
with a purchased software package? Are your sonic standards higher /
lower / unchanged? Are you more / less musically adventurous (what
ever that might mean to you)? Are you more / less likely to use sounds
from other users?

I've seen dozens of threads in various places that develop an idea
over the course of several days, including songs, sounds, bigger
programming projects. This seems to suggest a unique, open source
approach / ethic, at least in the way people communicate about their
work. But what about the music itself?

I'd be very curious to hear any comments on this!

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