[chuck-users] Cannot assign array of Oscs to UGen[]

Karim Sumun sumun at pobox.com
Wed Jan 4 09:59:15 EST 2017

Given the following declarations:

SinOsc s0;
SqrOsc s1;
TriOsc s2;

The following gives an error:

[s0, s1, s2] @=> UGen A[];
$ ... cannot resolve operator '=>' on types 'Osc[]' and 'UGen[]'...

But the following works fine:
[s0, s1, s2] @=> Osc A[];

It is not a problem, but would like to understand this behaviour. It would
seem that assigning to UGen[] would be ok because it looks like a
superclass of Osc[].

Aaah! Is this to do with co/contra-variance?
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