[chuck-users] ChucK => internet audio stream?

Harald hg42 at gmx.net
Tue Jan 10 13:19:23 EST 2017

even with 32bit audio, you have 2 × 32bit × 48000Hz = 3072000 ~= 3Mbit/s

but audio stream via Internet should usually be compressed, right?

so I think, you need an encoder for mp3/ogg/whatever which gets the
audio from chuck and send encoder output to a socket (something like
netcat comes to mind).

can Chuck output audio on stdout? then you could do something like

chuck ... | lame ... | nc ...

if not, then please take this as a feature request :-)

chuck could also write to a named pipe (behaves mostly like a file),
the other end of the pipe should be read by lame etc.

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