[chuck-users] phase modulation and hard sync?

Jean Menezes da Rocha jean at menezesdarocha.info
Sat Jun 3 11:43:11 EDT 2017

Hello, Alexandre, good to see you here (you don't know me but I know your

SinOsc has .phase and .sync attributes, which are pretty useful in this
case. I made a very
dirty and arbitrary example to show this working (using .sync, in this

// *pmod* is the SinOsc which will modulate the phase of *main*
SinOsc pmod => SinOsc main => dac;

440 => main.freq;

// define index of modulation; it's fun to fiddle with this value!
50 => pmod.gain;

// set *main* to sync phase-wise with *pmod*'s input
// just in case: 0 = sync frequency to input; 1 = sync phase; 2 = FM!
1 => main.sync;

// loop to show phase modulation in action with random arbitrary values
while(true) {
    Math.random2f(63, 880) => pmod.freq;
    1::second => now;

You can also do everything "by hand", mapping arbitrary values directly
into SinOsc's .phase attribute.

Hope it helps!


Em sex, 2 de jun de 2017 às 19:21, Alexandre Torres Porres <porres at gmail.com>

> Hi, new to chuck here.
> Can SinOsc be hard synced by an impulse or something?
> And how would you do phase modulation with SinOsc?
> If you cannot do one or both with SinOsc, how would you do it?
> thanks
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