[chuck-users] phase modulation and hard sync?

Joel Matthys jwmatthys at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 23:53:37 EDT 2017

> there may be a default parameter, right? And that seems to be 0. If I 
> have sync at "0", I hear no sound.

I think "sync" is a poor keyword for this method. It has nothing to do 
with hard sync. Instead, it determines what to do with a UGen connected 
to its input.

SinOsc a => SinOsc b => dac;
0 => b.sync; // the default

results in no audio because ChucK is attempting to use the output of 
SinOsc a (which is of course a stream between -1 and 1) and using those 
values as the frequency parameter for SinOsc b. In other words, SinOsc b 
is playing at a frequency between -1 and 1.

Here's a demonstration of how sync 0 can work:

Phasor p => SinOsc b => dac;
1 => p.freq;
1000 => p.gain;
0.25 => b.gain;
4::second => now;

> Anyway, it doesn't seem like the sync parameter is able to do hard 
> sync. It seemed that the "0" value would do that, but, as I said, I 
> hear nothing.

I think you're right; to do hard sync you have to manually check the 
Phasor and reset the oscillator phase. BTW, according to the source 
code, the .phase method ranges from [0-1).

Phasor p => blackhole;
SinOsc s => dac;
0.2 => s.gain;
440 => s.freq;
1 => p.freq;

spork~ hardsync();

while (true)
  second => now;
  p.freq() + 1 => p.freq;

fun void hardsync()
   float prev;
   while (true)
       p.last() => float last;
       if (last < prev) 0 => s.phase;
       last => prev;
       samp => now;

> If phase input is linear in chuck, then the code from SuperCollider 
> would be equivalent, but it is not. And even if it wasn't linear, I 
> tried it with radian values and did not get the same results.
> I suspect it is not really doing phase modulation because it doesn't 
> matter if I change the carrier frequency, and that is weird.
> well, I guess I'm repeating myself, sorry, just anxious in the hope of 
> clarification.
> thanks
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