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Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 14:07:09 EDT 2019

Sorry Scott :(

Anyway, sure let's have a chat in a couple of weeks, in the meanwhile I'll have a look at the tool Spencer shared.


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On 9 Apr 2019 17:01, Scott Smallwood <ssmallwo at ualberta.ca> wrote:
> I’m Scott S actually… 
> But yeah… I am going to admit right now that the next two weeks are hellish for me because I’m at the end of my term and doing lots of grading, installing a show, travelling, etc. 
> (Incidentally, while I’ve done lots of ChucK work as a performer, and lots of generative sound installation work in general, this will be my first ever multi-week installation that is done with ChucK instead of Max.  Two pieces actually - one plain ChucK and one Chunity!!  Woo hoo!!)
> Anyway… once I get the next two weeks off my back, I’m happy to take a closer look at the Floss manual and see where I can be of help.
> And yes I agree - this tool of Spencer’s sounds very cool and promising!
> —ss
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