[chuck-users] question: import/export functions and classes

Gianluca Casati casati_gianluca at yahoo.it
Sat Apr 27 05:59:50 EDT 2019

Hi All,
I am new to this mailing list, I am an italian mathematician working in IT since 2005.
I used chuck some time ago (around 2009?) to generate music with prime numbers and it was great! I really like ChucK, both features and syntax.
Now I would like to create a collection of chuck programs to do some live coding and having fun with music.
I am really excited, as a mathematician, about the fact that ChucK supports complex numbers. There are some features I look for in a programmin languange and complex numbers are a nice to have.
Another feature I usually look for is packaging, I was reading documentation and it looks like (or at least I could not find) a way to import / export a function or a class.
For example I would like to create a folder with some functions and classes and reuse them with some sort of export / import: is that possible currently in chuck?
For example, a function that iterates, I don't know, for example with Julia's formulas, could be used by different instruments, so it would be handy to define it in a file, say it julia.ck, and import it in other ChucK files.
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