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mario buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 14:28:42 EDT 2019

Hi Jack, Michael,

Thanks for your reply. Really good to know there is this possibility, 
and despite I'm not into C++, from what I can see from Jack's email, it 
is kind of straightforward.

It seems like there are good possibilities to have ChucK running in 
other languages (ie Python, Lua, etc.) and I'd like to know if there's 
anybody out there that has already done anything like that.



On 16/08/2019 18:25, Michael Heuer wrote:
> There is libchuck
> https://github.com/heuermh/libchuck (and other forks)
> though as far as I know, it may be dead in the water for iOS going 
> forward, as Apple no longer allows the system exec calls.
>    michael
>> On Aug 16, 2019, at 6:06 AM, Mario Buoninfante 
>> <mario.buoninfante at gmail.com <mailto:mario.buoninfante at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Do we have anything like ctcsound 
>> (https://csound.com/docs/ctcsound/ctcsound-API.html) or libpd 
>> (http://libpd.cc/) for ChucK.
>> I know changes have been made in the latest release, I was just 
>> wondering if there's anything to look at out there.
>> Cheers,
>> Mario
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