[chuck-users] Routing stereo sound file to dac channels

Scott Smallwood ssmallwo at ualberta.ca
Mon Feb 18 12:45:24 EST 2019

Dear chuckians…

This is bizarre… I was sure I have done this in the past, but it isn’t working and now I’m a bit flummoxed…. Any ideas here?

PS:  I’m trying to route channels 0 and 1 of a stereo .wav file to dac channels 2 and 3.  Should be simple.  So why doesn’t this work??

I realize that I could just spit it into mono files… but why?  I thought SndBuf supported up to 8 channels.


SndBuf sb;

//read in stereo sound file
"snd/squeakies/bell_4.wav" => sb.read;

//works - and routes channel 0 of sb to dac.chan(3)
sb.chan(0) => dac.chan(2);

//doesn't work - claims NullPointerException
sb.chan(1) => dac.chan(3);

1::minute => now;


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