[chuck-users] Expanding MIDI support

Mario Buoninfante mario.buoninfante at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 16:23:50 EDT 2019

Hi everybody,

One month ago I got started with an Open Source project whose goal is to
support some hardware on various platforms/environments/programming
languages (Pd, SC, Processing, Lua, Python, JS, etc.) and of course my goal
is to have ChucK on board as well (hopefully I'll share more info about the
project in the next months).
The only issue I've got at the moment is that I need to talk SysEx with
these gears, and as you know ChucK doesn't deal with SysEx.
I really care a lot about this project, mainly because it's open source and
because will involve different communities (Pd, SC, JS, etc.) and would
really love to include ChucK in this since is the tool I'm mainly using to
experiment and make music and I truly believe has got something more than
other languages/environments.
Thus, since I'm not a C++ person, I decided I'll ask a colleague of mine (a
C++ programmer) to help out with this, also because he'll get involved in
the project for other reasons anyway.
But before doing this I wanted to ask the developers and all those who are
involved in maintaining ChucK, if there's any particular reason why SysEx
messages are not currently supported.
>From what I can see in the code (and after running few experiments) with
the current architecture SysEx messages could be sent out (3 bytes at time
though) but with a lot of limitations (didn't manage to receive SysEx
messages though).
Also, I think RtMidi doesn't gate us from doing that (there's just a flag
used to 'turn on/off' SysEx communication).
But it seems like there's nothing in place that allows to deal with MIDI
messages bigger than 3 bytes and, from a "non-C++ person", it seems one way
to fix this could potentially be to add a SysExIn/SysExOut and a SysExMsg
classes that deal with these kind of MIDI messages.
Of course there could be a lot of things I'm missing here, and that's why
I'm asking you for some help, even before asking for other help :)
Just to make sure there's nothing that prevents people from adding this
Then, last but not the least, ChucK is an open source project and I love
it. There are a lot of people working with it, and I was wondering whether
or not this would be a feature people are after.
Basically I'd like to hear from the community before even getting started
with this.

I hope this makes sense. Looking forward to hearing from you guys :)

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