[chuck-users] chuck versions and release schedule

Forrest Cahoon forrest.cahoon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 00:24:19 EDT 2019

I'm putting the finishing touches on my chuck vscode extension, to which
I've added syntax checking and a vscode command to have chuck play the
currently open file.

Since the --syntax switch the checker relies on is currently only in the
git master branch, and not currently available in any prepackaged release,
I'm using a boolean config param and have this feature turned off by

I'm struggling with how I should explain this in the README. I guess it's
reasonable that _most_ vscode users are programmer types who would not have
a problem building chuck from github sources, but I think I have a nice
environment with this extension for people who are not that sort of geek.

I'd like to say, build from source or wait for version _x_, where _x_ is
what I'm trying to figure out. I see that there was a simultaneous release
of 1.3.6 and 1.4.0, (but no git tags for either of those?)

Would I be correct to guess that the next release will be 1.4.1? Are there
any plans to make another release soon? It looks like it's been a year and
a half ... might it be time? The --syntax switch surely can't be the only
thing that people who aren't building from source are missing.

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