[chuck-users] How to integrate Chuck into my own program?

Da Xu djsignal7 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 5 17:07:42 EDT 2019

Hi guys, 
Since, I am not developing for Chuck itself, so, I thought this might be a more appropriate place to ask this question. 
Is it possible to integrate Chuck into a program that I am writing? Basically, I would like to utilize Chuck's strong time nature to create a custom clock plugin for another environment, specifically Touchdesigner. TD is great for visuals, however, for audio related stuff, its clock can be bit unstable. It has a feature which allows external programs to communicate with it via a shared memory block, which would be the fastest way to get info into TD without overheads like protocol decoding. 
My goal is to create a custom clock(s) generator to send pulses into TD via the shared mem block. So, my question is can I use Chuck in this way? And how would I go about doing that? I know this is a rather simplistic use of Chuck, but I really like Chuck's strong time nature, its concurrency abilities and being particularly lightweight.
I searched the documentations, and didn't really find anything. So, any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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