[chuck-users] Mojave/Catalina mic access issues

David Loberg Code d.loberg.code at wmich.edu
Mon Nov 25 11:30:03 EST 2019

In OSX 10.14 and 10.15 the System Preference => Privacy settings now have a feature to control third-party access to the mic and camera. The problem my students are encountering is that miniAudicle doesn't show up as an identified app on the list,  so they can't click the box to allow access, and thus they can't use adc in ChucK.

Is there either:
   a) a ChucK workaround?
   b) a system file or something to which miniAudicle can be manually added as a recognized app that uses the microphone?



David Loberg Code

School of Music

Western Michigan

code at wmich.edu
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