[chuck-users] PhD position in Sound and Music Computing, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Andre Holzapfel xyzapfel at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 05:39:54 EST 2020

Doctoral student in Sound and Music Computing
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden

Project description
Third-cycle subject: Media Technology
The project you will work in is funded by the Swedish agency 
Vetenskapsrådet, and is titled “Historically informed design of sound 
synthesis”. Based on a forgotten treasure, the Elektronmusikstudion 
(EMS) collection of historical analog synthesizers from the 60ies and 
70ies, we aim to create a series of digital electronic music instruments 
enabling different expressions and instrumental forms. Your task will be 
to explore the collection, to implement digital emulations of some of 
the instruments, and to develop user interfaces for them. You will then 
collaborate with artists at the royal college of music (KMH) to use 
these instruments within new compositions, and conduct user tests with 
online communities.Your work will take place at the Division of Media 
Technology and Interaction design (MID), in the Sound and Music 
Computing (SMC) team. You will collaborate with the Royal College of 
Music and with the organization hosting the synthesizer collection 
(Musikverket). In addition, you will be able to apply for short term 
scientific missions to visit partners in the Nordic SMC network during 
your studies.

Supervision: The doctoral student will be supervised by: Andre Holzapfel 
(main supervisor), Sandra Pauletto (co-supervisor, KTH), Henrik Frisk, 
(co-supervisor, KMH), Dan Lundberg (co-supervisor, Musikverket).

Application info (Deadline 20 March 2020): 

Kind regards

Andre Holzapfel,
Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Ph.D. (Ethnomusicology)
Assistant Professor
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Media Technology and Interaction Design

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