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I'm in big trouble. I'v been trying for a long time now to change an argument in a running function. As you can see in my script i set a certain "centralpos" ("70000")to buf.pos  as a central position in my soundbuffer and i let my function LFOtoPOS circle around it.

Once the "spork" instruction has started the process i can't figure out how to addresss the argument "centralpos" to change it on the fly or by another function or parameter.  Some help please ...

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 me.sourceDir() + "sound.wav" => string filename;
if( me.args() ) me.arg(0) => filename;

SndBuf buf => dac;

filename => buf.read;

1 => buf.pos;
.5 => buf.gain;

spork ~ LFOtoPOS(70000);

fun void LFOtoPOS(int centralpos)
     TriOsc lfo => blackhole;
     1 => lfo.freq;
     centralpos => buf.pos;
     while (true)
       1::samp => now;
       centralpos(10000*lfo.last())$ int => buf.pos;

// time loop
while( true )
   1000::ms => now;

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