[chuck-users] ChucK as LV2 or AudioUnit v3 plugin?

Michael Heuer heuermh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 11:15:16 EST 2020


Given recent linux-based hardware platforms that rely on the LV2 plugin interface

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modduo/mod-dwarf <https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modduo/mod-dwarf>

https://shop.zynthian.org/shop/product/zynthian-bundle-all-kit-v3-326?category=13 <https://shop.zynthian.org/shop/product/zynthian-bundle-all-kit-v3-326?category=13>

and that libchuck is effectively dead-on-arrival as of recent iOS versions (something about standard system calls no longer allowable, if I remember correctly)

https://github.com/mgyucht/libchuck <https://github.com/mgyucht/libchuck>

Is there any interest in adapting ChucK to the LV2 plugin interface for linux or the AudioUnit v3 plugin interface for iOS and OSX?

Ge, might open sourcing work done at SMULE for iOS be a possibility?

Another target interesting to me is VCVRack, which has its own plugin interface

https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack <https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack>
https://vcvrack.com/manual/PluginDevelopmentTutorial <https://vcvrack.com/manual/PluginDevelopmentTutorial>


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