[chuck-users] Clipping using multiple SndBuf files

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Fri Feb 28 08:49:50 EST 2020

Hi Mathieu,
i was having the same problem untill i added a .gain for each SndBuf
Like this:
.2 => buf1.gain;  // buf1 being the name you gave your 1st SndBuf
.2 => buf2.gain;
If you have 10 different samples being played at the same time you have to reduce the gain to at least 1/10th of 1 being 0.1.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

Op 27 feb. 2020 om 20:48 heeft Matthew.Noone <Matthew.Noone at ul.ie<mailto:Matthew.Noone at ul.ie>> het volgende geschreven:


I'm just wondering the best way to avoid clipping when using multiple SndBuf files in code?

I'm making a composition using machine.add script and there is a lot clipping when the new scripts come in.

Is the best thing to add Envelopes in the individual codes?

Or is there some better way?

Dr. Matthew James Noone
Sarode Artist & Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow
Irish World Academy of Music and Dance
University of Limerick

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