[chuck-users] miniAudicle ADC not working?

Eddie Ludema ludeeddi at isu.edu
Tue Oct 20 00:13:31 EDT 2020


I’m taking my first foray into ChucK with a little background with RTcmix, and am excited to see how many times I can accidently blow out my eardrums! I’m hoping to start up a LORK, and am wondering if ChucK would work for our situation – or at least part of the project.

ADC… It works great in the terminal (MacOS Catalina). I just have a little throughput signal:

adc => dac;

while (true)
   100::ms => now;

In the terminal, it works great. No problems. In miniAudicle, I get nothing. The dac works in miniAudicle, but nothing is coming in through my mic (Scarlett 2i2). I hooked up a blackhole (adc => Gain g => blackhole) to monitor the adc input, but it just reports 0.0. I’ve checked my prefs, and my Scarlett is chosen. I’ve closed and reopened miniAudicle, and shut down and restarted the Virtual Machine. No ADC input. When I try to probe my devices, I get:

System error: (CoreAudio unknown error) getting sample rate info…

Then nada. I’ve also “allowed mic access” in Security/Privacy.

Any suggestions? Is this a “Catalina breaks lots of stuff” bug?

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