[chuck-users] chuck- (numchucks) released!

Stiefel, Van VStiefel at wcupa.edu
Thu Jul 8 13:01:53 EDT 2021

Greetings all- I’m teaching a ChucK class and some students have installed the recent Windows executable and things are behaving strangely for them. (They can’t turn off the virtual machine or add multiple shreds. I don’t know the vintage of their machines.)

I could use an earlier version, Do the compressed folders of earlier versions have windows executables as well? I would prefer the simplest possible installation procedure.

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Hi all,

I just installed and quickly checked ChucK<> on Ubuntu Studio
20.04 LTS and it perfectly works!

Thank you all, you did an amazing job with this release.



PS I only now noticed we now also have SndBuf .frames() method ;)

musician, QA engineer

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