[chuck-users] Boxed In

Dana Batali dana at cannerycoders.com
Thu Jun 23 15:29:02 EDT 2022

Hello Chuck-Users: the ninth release of Fiddle is now available.

The ninth release of Fiddle (Boxed In) introduces the Box2D node and 
plotting surface. This node simulates a 2D physics world. Now you can 
use classical mechanics to generate notes and control events for your 
musical compositions. Hey, who said physics was useless?

Additional release notes can be found here: 

Download link here: https://cannerycoders.com/downloads/fiddle.html 
(native builds available for 4 platforms).  Auto updates on Mac and 
Windows should offer the upgrade option when launched.

We appreciate any/all feedback!  Please help us grow the ChucK + Fiddle 
community by forwarding these announcements to your favorite forums and 
news outlets.

Keep on ChucKin,

Dana Batali / Cannery Coders
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