[chuck-users] Using "Link" with ChucK?

Eddie Ludema eddieludema at isu.edu
Mon Sep 19 22:48:13 EDT 2022


I've been searching the net, the forums, docs, and Chugens/Chugins, but
couldn't find whether there's already a relatively simple way to use
Ableton Link with ChucK? Maybe setup Ableton to spit out a signal on each
beat event over the network somehow and then feed it into ChucK via
OSCulator or something similar? Or is there already something out there?
I'm dabbling in starting up a small "bring your own gear" LORK, and it
would be sweet for the non-coders and the coders to be able to sync up
their clocks over our little LAN.

If this is already out there, a pointer in the right direction would be
fantastic. Thanks all!
Eddie Ludema, DMA
Assistant Professor of Trumpet & Theory
School of Performing Arts
Music Department
Idaho State University
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