[chuck-users] midi sequencer in chuck

d dchuck at yurfish.com
Tue Apr 25 16:42:50 EDT 2023


I'm revisiting my chuck sequencer
after trying java for a bit.

I can play a file, now.

But I want to seek to a particular
measure, start  and stop at random times,
break out of a loop over some bars,
and other kinds of conducting.

SO Ive loaded the tracks in an array
but the times are converted to deltas
Making seeking difficult.

I think I need to implement a midi clock
and somehow "send" the time to the
track sporks or something.

Perhaps there is something in the
upcomping realease that will help?

I do my arranging in lilypond and 
long term id like to explore
"players" that modify the events
slightly, adding velocity,swing,
vibrato, etc and be able to
conduct that in real time.
Perhaps even from cues in the score.

any suggestions welcome

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