[chuck-users] chuck source repo cleanup (affects github chuck devs)

Ge Wang ge at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Fri Jun 16 02:57:17 EDT 2023

(If you are current NOT working with Github for chuck, miniAudicle, or 
chunity, please feel free to ignore the rest of these message.)

Dear all,

The Great ChucK Repo Cleanup of 2023 has been completed! As a result, 
the overall chuck repo size has been reduced from 721MB to 25MB -- since 
git works by cloning the entire repo and all history, this massively 
improves the speed of 'git clone', 'git submodule update --init' in 
repos that reference chuck, and the size of each cloned repo on disk.

To accomplish this, we had to "rewrite the git history," which is a 
semi-cataclysmic process for git repos. As a result, all existing clones 
of the chuck, miniAudicle, and chunity repos as well as branches and 
outstanding pull-requests that reference the older repo *** are now 
invalid ***. Please do a fresh clone of the chuck/miniAudicle/chunity 
repos and copy any important changes to these fresh clones before making 
any further changes to avoid headaches!

NOTE: do not use 'git pull' with your existing, pre-cleanup chuck repo 
as it will seem to work BUT will put your local repo into a messed up 
state. A fresh 'git clone' is necessary before proceeding with chuck 
development! We believe that the cleaner, smoother ChucK dev experience 
will be worth this short-term inconvenience.

If you have any difficulty porting any existing branches to the new 
repo, please let us know and we will do our best to help! (The Chuck 
Community Discord can be a good place for that: 

Apologies for any confusion that may arise, and thank you for being 
involved in ChucK development!

-- Spencer and Ge

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