[chuck-users] chugin compile errors

d dchuck at yurfish.com
Wed Oct 25 15:32:59 EDT 2023


When  compiling chugins faust and fluidsynth , I get these errors

¶ make linux
g++   -c -o Faust.o Faust.cpp -pthread -D__LINUX_ALSA__
-D__PLATFORM_LINUX__ -I../chuck/include -fPIC -O3 Faust.cpp: In
function ‘void faust_ctor(Chuck_Object*, void*, Chuck_VM*,
Chuck_VM_Shred*, CK_DL_API)’: Faust.cpp:567:40: error: ‘struct
Chuck_DL_Api::VMApi’ has no member named ‘get_srate’ 567 |     Faust *
f_obj = new Faust(API->vm->get_srate(API, SHRED)); |
                    ^~~~~~~~~ make: *** [makefile:115: Faust.o] Error 1

¶ make linux
g++ -D__LINUX_ALSA__ -D__PLATFORM_LINUX__ -I../chuck/include/ -fPIC -O3
-c -o FluidSynth.o FluidSynth.cpp FluidSynth.cpp:108:30: error:
‘Chuck_Array8’ has not been declared 108 |     void setTuning(int chan,
Chuck_Array8 * tuning) |                              ^~~~~~~~~~~~
FluidSynth.cpp:125:36: error: ‘Chuck_Array8’ has not been declared
  125 |     void setOctaveTuning(int chan, Chuck_Array8 * tuning)

¶ chuck --version

chuck version: (chai)
   Linux | 64-bit
   audio drivers: ALSA | JACK

¶ uname -a
Linux uptown 6.1.0-10-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.38-1
(2023-07-14) x86_64 GNU/Linux


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