[chuck-users] New version of ChucK VSCode extension

Forrest Cahoon forrest.cahoon at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 22:47:41 EDT 2023

Hey all!

I've just updated my VSCode extension
https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=forrcaho.chuck .

I never realized that playing the file in the editor never worked under
Windows; now it does.

Syntax highlighting has been fixed to work with 1.5.x (I should make it
clear, it's broken under older versions of chuck; I didn't see a great
demand for backwards compatibility). That's something that also never
worked under Windows, but now does.

The syntax checking is turned off by default, because if you have
multi-file projects you'll get syntax errors about things defined in a file
meant to be included earlier with Machine.add at runtime. (I'm soliciting
ideas about how to fix this!)

Oh, yeah, I updated the syntax highlighting so Chugraph is recognized and
Chubgraph no longer is.

Please give it a spin, let me know if you have issues, and leave
ratings/reviews on the VSCode Marketplace site if you like it.
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