[chuck] version released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Aug 2 04:32:57 EDT 2004

Dear All,

version is released.  we will release intermediate versions
while we are adding objects/arrays/events/osc - these aren't in the
release yet.


--- has several additions / fixes - on-the-fly shreds now correctly
resolves existing functions, and have correct ID.  STK WaveLoop
can load many built-in raw waves and there is STK Moog and
STK Mandolin --- new examples (fire up mand-o-matic!!).  See below
for other additions!

chuck- - 2004.8.2
   - added sndfile patch for jack/sndfile (Martin Rumori)
   - added special raw wav for WaveLoop (philipd, gewang)

     (see examples/dope.ck)

   - fixed shred shreduling ID bug for on-the-fly added shreds
   - fixed function resolution for on-the-fly added shreds
   - added math.nextpow2( int n ) (Niklas Werner, gewang)

new STK ugens: (philipd)
   - Mandolin (see examples/mandolin.ck examples/mand-o-matic.ck)
   - Moog (see examples/moogie.ck)

new examples:
   - mandolin.ck (use of STK mandolin)
   - mand-o-matic (fire it up!)
   - dope.ck (Homer's WaveLoop using internal STK sound)
   - print_last.ck (prints last ugen output)
   - wind2.ck (2 shreds control parameters)

Happy ChucKing!


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