[chuck] version released

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Fri Aug 6 06:05:18 EDT 2004

Ge Wang wrote:

> The fastest way to get chuck running on windows is to compile it on cygwin.
> Perry and I  are on the road again, so we have osx and linux, but don't 
> have
> access to a windows machine.  I recently (after put in a potential
> fix/hack to improve audio performance on windows/cygwin.  So if anyone
> experience audio break-ups on cygwin running at the default buffer size
> (use --bufsize<N> to change - see online programming docs), please post
> to chuck-dev or email us (gewang at cs.princeton.edu) OR check out the
> most recent CVS version.  Ari and others are porting it to run on native
> win32 using Visual C++, we will look into releasing binaries for windows
> then.

I would prefer a native port, which could be compiled with mingw. Moving 
from a free compiler to closed-source Visual-C++ (IMHO). I will not 
install a unlicensed copy of Visual-C++ (or is Visual C++ available for 
free now?)

> Please let us know (email | chuck-dev) if you run into any problems
> compiling/running for cygwin.

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