[chuck] features and stupid ideas

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Fri Aug 6 08:48:46 EDT 2004

okay, i'm writing down some raw ideas, not well thought-out:

- some way to control chuck from an external program. could be OSC or 
anything else.

- would it be possible to port Pd (puredata) externals to chuck? i had 
this idea, because someone ported Supercollider ugens to Pd recently. 
(Same question for Supercollider ugens or Csound opcodes).

- streaming of raw audio over the network? (like jack.udp). problem: how 
to keep two chuck instances in sync, if they are running on different 

- streaming of lossly compressed audio (ogg/vorbis, musepack or mp3). 
like pdogg~ for Pd. problem: latency off ogg container (raw vorbis could 
help, libfishsound?)

- chuck library that could be embedded in other applications. maybe 
similar to ecasound.

- don't invent funny names for ugens. Pd's objects for example don't 
have the most intuitive names, Csound is worse. Supercollider and Open 
Sound World do it right (IMHO).

I guess this are not the most important features to work on. :-) Maybe I 
will have other suggestions later...

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