[chuck] feature request 2

Niklas Werner bergtroll at gmx.li
Sat Aug 7 08:01:18 EDT 2004

On Sat, 07 Aug 2004 22:57, smoerk wrote:

> then lets ask the question: who is running chuck on linux on a non-x86
> platform?
> There are much more people working on windows and OSX than on Linux
> (yes, there are PPC VST plugins).
oooooh, yes. so? Doesn't mean there's a way to run them under Linux. At 
least not one I'm aware of, but I gladly accept pointers...
> I have nothing against LADSPA support and i guess it's much simpler to
> add LADSPA support on Linux than VST on Windows or OSX. LADSPA is a
> very simple interface.
> Question of importance is the question of which plugins you want to
> use. If you want to use commercial stuff, there is no way around VST
> (or Audio Units), until we have GMPI in a few years.
I absolutely agree. Just wanted to mention that maybe both VST and Ladspa 
should be the way to go, as that leaves everybody with at least one 
Plugin interface.


Computer Music PhD-student
University of Waikato
New Zealand

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