[chuck] Audicle

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Mon Aug 9 06:24:53 EDT 2004

Ge Wang wrote:

>> I wonder how you display the six-sided cube on a screen or do you use 
>> 6 screens for performances?
> The idea is to be able to fully engage one face at a time, but you can 
> move to other
> faces at will.

so you can switch between the faces on your screen?

>> Are 3D interfaces (on 2D screens) expedient for computer music? (i'm a 
>> little bit sceptical)
> Some of the face will be 2D, others 3D, and also there is the 
> tabula-rasa face where the
> user can display anything (2D or 3D).  3D can be effective for a lot of 
> things, but can be
> bad if everything was conformed to be in 3D.  Hopefully having both the 
> 3D and the 2D
> will be an effective combination.

> We shall all soon see.

:-) I never did anything with OpenGL. Do mobility video cards in recent 
notebooks support OpenGL in hardware? (ATI 9200, 9600, etc).

>> Did I understand it correctly, that there is one dsp-server that 
>> renders  the audio in a networked setup with several people/computers? 
>> does this mean that one can bog down the dsp-server with a resource 
>> hungry patch?
> The simplest setup is the one-server/listener, in which case misbehaving 
> code can
> hang the server.  However, the model can include a conductor (using the 
> on-the-fly
> programming / code as instrument idea), who can remove/fix bad shreds, 
> and also the musicians/ChucKists can learn to play well together, which 
> would also fit this model.
> Multi-server setup will also be possible, though we still haven't worked 
> out the timing
> semantics.

it gets complicated, when you try to synchronize different sound cards 
with own master clocks, but a ChucK rendering farm with a sound card in 
one of the machines would be cool! (I don't know if we have machines 
that fast enough to do any kind of sound processing in a few years, but 
i doubt it with third and fourth order ambisonics or 320 channels WFS, etc).

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