[chuck] version released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Aug 27 22:42:03 EDT 2004

Dear all,

chuck- is released, mostly with many new STK unit generators,
and additions (like READ functionality for unit generator parameters)
for many existing ones.  Thanks to Phil Davidson!  Also see improved
unit generator documentation at:


Also, we have put in some unit generators for low-latency audio over
UDP, which are in very early but functional stages.  (Ananya Misra
and I are working to make them and other components better)

Happy ChucKing!


--- - 2004.8.26
   - added netin/netout unit generators (alpha version)
   - added a lot of STK unit generators (thanks to philipd)
     (over 80% of STK is now imported)
   - fixed Shakers (thanks to philipd) : examples/shake-o-matic.ck
   - better compilation for cygwin
   - minor bugs fixes
   - added many READ functionality for ugen parameters
        see online documentation

new ugens:
   - netout (alpha version) - audio over UDP (see net_send.ck)
   - netin (alpha version) - audio over UDP (see net_recv.ck)
   - Chorus (STK)
   - Envelope (STK)
   - NRev (STK)
   - PRCRev (STK)
   - Modulate (STK)
   - PitShift (STK)
   - SubNoise (STK)
   - WvIn (STK)
   - WvOut (STK)
   - BlowBotl (STK)
   - FM group (STK)
     - BeeThree
     - FMVoices
     - HevyMetl
     - PercFlut
     - TubeBell

new examples:
   - shake-o-matic.ck - STK shakers going bonkers
   - net_send.ck - oneway sender
   - net_recv.ck - oneway recv
   - net_relay.ck - redirect

ChucK Team

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