[chuck] Wishlist and bugreport from hacking

Mikael Johansson mikael at johanssons.org
Wed Dec 8 17:52:15 EST 2004

Some things that would be nice to be able to do - now that we've started 
hacking things with new ulib_foo constructs...

* capability to build ulib_foo functions that can treat the dur primitive
* The handling of parameter input to ulib functions is severely flawed,
   including lack of type security across platforms and probably not
   64-bit secured:
   the method for retrieving multiple parameters as done in the
   implementation of math.pow will break down if sizes of ints, floats and
   pointers start to differ; and should in any case be wrapped in some more
   robust handling way; for instances those actually present in C++ a
* You have several various memory leaks and similar problems; use of
   valgrind is advised.

If these things are not possible due to not being harmonic with the ChucK 
way of thinking; please tell us what to do instead (instructions for 
building .ckx would be nice for instance... =)

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