[chuck] OSC + Documentation

smoerk smoerk at gmx.de
Mon Jul 26 18:50:53 EDT 2004

now it's 1 month later. any success with OSC? (it's an coincidence that 
it's exactly one month)

i just compiled chuck on linux and it works without any problems (it 
compiled in the first run, this is not my usual experience with audio 

when OSC support is implemented, would it be possible to control chuck 
completly over OSC. like starting chuck as daemon and adding|removing 
*.ck patches to the running chuck daemon. (maybe this is a stupid 
question. is it possible from within a patch to add another patch?)

i will try to learn chuck in the next days. is there a windows binary 
available? i don't have a fast network connection at home to download 
cygwin (i guess it's big).

and another question: can i open wav/ogg/mp3 files with chuck? ist it 
possible to play them and change the pitch (how does it sound)?

examples sndbuf.ck return the following error:

# ./chuck sndbuf.ck
[sndbuf.ck]:line(2): cannot find control parameter 'sndbuf.path'

i have put a snare.raw file in the same directory.

n++k wrote:

> Hash: SHA1
> /wrote Ge Wang <gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU> [Sun, 27 Jun 2004 02:49:47 -0400]
> |
> |> Is there support for OpenSoundControl in chuck or any other way to
> |> control it from an external program (in my case from Python)?
> |
> | OSC support is (like a ton of other stuff) in the works (it's not there, as
> | n++k noted) - look for OSC in about 1 month (many other features/bugs coming
> | first).
> | So far there is only shred-level control from the outside via on-the-fly
> | programming mechanisms.  Several more internal interfaces are on the way as
> | well, such as asynchronous I/O events and networking.
> In the meantime, who wishes for support of OSC in chuck can check out
> 	http://neq.ath.cx/2004-06-27.html
> for a .tar.gz with sources using liblo and offering a very restricted support:
>   - only one argument messages for the int, float and string types (input/output)
>   - featuring a memory leak for received string messages (strings aren't ever freed)
>   - no blocking IO means pain

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