[chuck] OSC + Documentation

n++k knos at free.fr
Tue Jul 27 02:33:54 EDT 2004

/wrote smoerk <smoerk at gmx.de> [Tue, 27 Jul 2004 00:50:53 +0200]

|now it's 1 month later. any success with OSC? (it's an coincidence that 
|it's exactly one month)

(Concerning myself, I am not working on chuck right now)

|i just compiled chuck on linux and it works without any problems (it 
|compiled in the first run, this is not my usual experience with audio 
|when OSC support is implemented, would it be possible to control chuck 
|completly over OSC. like starting chuck as daemon and adding|removing 
|*.ck patches to the running chuck daemon. (maybe this is a stupid 
|question. is it possible from within a patch to add another patch?)

yes it is, check examples/machine.ck

|i will try to learn chuck in the next days. is there a windows binary 
|available? i don't have a fast network connection at home to download 
|cygwin (i guess it's big).
|and another question: can i open wav/ogg/mp3 files with chuck? ist it 
|possible to play them and change the pitch (how does it sound)?
|examples sndbuf.ck return the following error:
|# ./chuck sndbuf.ck
|[sndbuf.ck]:line(2): cannot find control parameter 'sndbuf.path'
|i have put a snare.raw file in the same directory.

>From reading ugen_xxx, I could see that sndbuf.ck should be altered as the
control parameters have changed. Try to replace `sndbuf.path' with

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