[chuck] OSC + Documentation

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jul 27 04:11:32 EDT 2004

On Jul 26, 2004, at 6:50 PM, smoerk wrote:

> now it's 1 month later. any success with OSC? (it's an coincidence 
> that it's exactly one month)

not yet - sorry about the delay, this is  coming in the next 2/3 
releases (it is important, but several others features, such as 
arrays/networking need to be done first)

> i just compiled chuck on linux and it works without any problems (it 
> compiled in the first run, this is not my usual experience with audio 
> software)

thank you.  (we are shocked also)

> i will try to learn chuck in the next days. is there a windows binary 
> available? i don't have a fast network connection at home to download 
> cygwin (i guess it's big).

I believe Adam Wendt once had some windows/cygwin binaries available, I 
know if he is still doing this.  Adam?  (if not, we will probably 
release binaries here)
Also, Ari has been working on porting ChucK to visual c++ for native 
win32 chuck.

> and another question: can i open wav/ogg/mp3 files with chuck? ist it 
> possible to play them and change the pitch (how does it sound)?

currently supported:
sndbuf will open wav au snd raw aiff
WaveLoop (STK) will open wav, snd, raw
ogg/mp3 not supported yet (anyone experienced with libraries for 

we are cleaning sndbuf to provide better functionality ( coming)


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