[chuck] OSC + Documentation

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Jun 27 02:49:47 EDT 2004

> Is there support for OpenSoundControl in chuck or any other way to
> control it from an external program (in my case from Python)?

OSC support is (like a ton of other stuff) in the works (it's not there, as n++k
noted) - look for OSC in about 1 month (many other features/bugs coming first).
 So far there is only shred-level control from the outside via on-the-fly
programming mechanisms.  Several more internal interfaces are on the way as
well, such as asynchronous I/O events and networking.

> The documentation is a little bit sparse. Will this change anytime soon
> or are you busy with writing code?

Documentation is a big priority, when Perry and I return to Princeton (next week
for me), there will be a significant doc update.

> How stable does it run on Linux and what is the recommended platform?

So far, I don't think it runs stable anywhere. (always fixing to make better
We don't really have a recommended platform (we embrace/abhor all platforms!)

> Are there any sound samples available?

Only in the form of ChucK source examples so far.  Audio examples may a good


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