[chuck] version released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 9 23:52:32 EST 2004

Dear All,

chuck- is released.  We have resumed full-speed development
on the major release.  Until that is done, there will be a few more 
releases (such as this one).  Source + binaries (for OS X and win32):


--- - 2004.11.9
   - when a shred is removed from VM, all children shreds are
     also recursively removed
     (this fix crash due to removing shreds with active children shreds)
     (to keep children around, put parent in infinite time-loop)
     (this isn't always good - real solution coming soon)
   - 'start' keyword now available - holds the a shred's begin time

updated examples:
   - powerup.ck : start local variable changed name
   - spork.ck : added infinite time loop to keep children active

HappY ChucKing!

ChucK team

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