[chuck] version released

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Oct 2 02:58:16 EDT 2004

Fellow ChucKers,

chuck- is released!  This is a minor release,
numbered because we ran out of single digits
after  The next major release will be
That is coming in next few days. contains
bug fixes, improved sndbuf, and the ability to write
out to audio files:


--- - 2004.9.29
   - now able to write audio files (wav, aiff, raw)
     (try rec.ck and rec2.ck concurrently with any other shreds
      to record to disk)
   - STK file endian is now observed (more things should work
     on little endian systems)
   - added 4 "special" built-in sound samples
     "special:glot_pop" - glottal pulse (formant-free)
     "special:glot_ahh" - glottal 'ahh' pop
     "special:glot_eee" - glottal 'eee' pop
     "special:glot_ooo" - glottal 'ooo' pop
     (see/listen to moe++.ck, larry++.ck, curly++.ck)
   - all bulit-in sound samples now loadable from both WaveLoop and 
   - (win32) sndbuf now properly loads wav aiff

new examples:
   - moe++.ck - stooges, evolved
   - larry++.ck
   - curly++.ck
   - rec.ck - run this concurrently to write audio to file
     (also try with -s flag for file out, no real-time audio)
   - rec2.ck - same as rec, but writes to different file every time,
     for sessions

HappY ChucKing!

ChucK team

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